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(MMI) Mental Model Innovation ©

Mental Model Innovation © is a powerful reframing and change management process based on recent neuroscience research, mental simulation techniques, Artificial Intelligence, Kaizen and multiple other subjects. It enables you to to develop a powerful multi-dimensional vision which is comprised of mental models (cognitive framework), FSM’s (Future State Models) and Coherence Primed Recognition (CPR ©). The process is based on an unpublished research into Cluster Patterns © (a study of collective operation of humans in a closed ecosystem).This method is used by Top 1% of the people in the world including inventors, effective leaders, game changers to chart their own trajectory in life or business. **Results guaranteed if ”Oaas Framework” selected for change intervention.  ** Conditions Apply
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Emergent Strategy Development

Stratuit © is a unique and groundbreaking process for developing Strategic Intuition and Strategic Foresight. The process is based on 20 years long unpublished research outlined in “Cluster Patterns ©” and mental simulation based practices. Stratuit  © enables individuals or groups to instantly develop intuitive insight and strategic foresight which can then be embedded into tactical actions. There is a large delta between “Strategic Thinking” and Strategic Planning. Strategic thinkers have internalized functions that enable them to achieve superior outcomes in uncertain situations as opposed to Strategic Planners, who are simply process focussed. Strategic Planning is taught in many courses, but this is the first course that teaches strategic intuiting from ground up.
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Hyperforecasting ©

Hyperforecasting © is a advanced level process that enables to develop accurate predictions into future events using an extremely powerful process.  It is based on creativity research, epistemology, machine learning (Artificial Intelligence & Artificial Intuition), neuroscience and multiple others subjects that enables individuals to use biological intuition to develop approximate trajectory simulation and then utilize the left brain to develop precise conscious models of the domain . Most of the courses in forecasting are theoretical and anecdotal. This is very first course that builds up on Mental Model Innovation ©  and Stratuit © to develop RSIK © (Rock Solid Inner Knowing). Learn to become a Hyperforecaster in your field using this groundbreaking training program. *
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Deception Detection Improvement
Hyperforecasting ©
Future State Modelling
Insight based Strategy
Startup Decelerator
Reversed Engineered Inventing
Strategic Intuition Development